Schedule Summer 2019

This Schedule is tentative and subject to changes which will be announced in class.

Main Textbook:  Course Lecture Notes

Reading assignments before every lecture are mandatory. They are indicated above every lecture in the schedule. 
All Homework are due on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 11:00pm.
Weekly Quizzes open on Tuesdays at 8:00am and close on Wednesdays at 11:00pm.
The Midterm Exam is on Thursday 7/25 and the Final Exam is on Thursday 8/15.

Formula Sheet for Quizzes and Exams  Review Problems  Answers to Review Problems
Week 01
Monday 7/01
Lecture: Section 1.1, Linear Constant Coefficient Equations.
Notes-1.1, Video-1.1. Complete Homework: Hw01_Tutorial, Hw02_1.1.
Lecture: Section 1.2, Linear Variable Coefficient Equations and Bernoulli Equation.
Notes-1.2, Video-1.2. Complete Homework: Hw03_1.2.
No Homework Due.
Tuesday 7/02
No WW-Quiz.
Wednesday 7/03
Lecture: Section 1.3, Separable Equations.
Notes-1.3, Video-1.3. Complete Homework: Hw04_1.3.
Lecture: Section 1.4, Exact Equations.
Notes-1.4, Video-1.4-Part-1. Complete First Half of Homework: Hw05_1.4.
Open Adds End, 8:00pm
Thursday 7/04
Homework Due: Hw01_Tutorial, Hw02_1.1.
Friday 7/05
Lecture: Section 1.4, Exact Equations.
Notes-1.4, Video-1.4-Part-2, Video-1.4-Part-3. Complete Second Half of Homework: Hw05_1.4.
Lecture: Section 1.5, Applications.
Notes-1.5, Video-1.5. Complete Homework: Hw06_1.5.
Saturday 7/06
Homework Due: Hw03_1.2, Hw04_1.3.
Week 02
Monday 7/08
Lecture: Section 1.6, Nonlinear Equations.
Notes-1.6, Video-1.6-Part-1, Video-1.6-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw07_1.7.
Homework Due: Hw05-1.4.
Tuesday 7/09
WW-Quiz-01 Opens in Webwork, Covering Hw02-1.1, Hw03-1.2, Hw04_1.3.
WW-Quizzes Set Up: 60 min, 5 problems, 100 points, 15 grading attempts.
Each quiz can be taken up to a maximum of 3 times. Your grade is the maximum.
Wednesday 7/10
Lecture: Section 2.1, Second Order Linear Equations.
Notes-2.1, Video-2.1-Part-1, Video-2.1-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw08_2.1.
WW-Quiz-01 Closes in Webwork.
Thursday 7/11
Homework Due: Hw06_1.5, Hw07_1.6.
Friday 7/12
Lecture: Section 2.2, Reduction Order Methods.
Notes-2.2, Video-2.2-Part-1, Video-2.2-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw09_2.2.
Last Day to Drop with Refund.
Saturday 7/13
Homework Due: Hw08_2.1.
Week 03
Monday 7/15
Webwork Fee Due Date at 10:00am. 
Lecture: Section 2.3, Homogeneous Equations.
Notes-2.3, Video-2.3. Complete Homework: Hw10_2.3.
Homework Due: Hw09_2.2.
Tuesday 7/16
WW-Quiz-02 Opens in WW, Covering Hw05-1.4, Hw06-1.5, Hw07_1.6.
Wednesday 7/17
Lecture: Section 2.4, Euler Equidimensional Equation.
Notes-2.4, Video-2.4. Complete Homework: Hw11_2.4.
Lecture: Section 2.5, Non-Homogeneous Equations.
Notes-2.5, Video-2.5-Part-1. Complete first half of Homework: Hw12_2.5.
WW-Quiz-02 Closes.
Thursday 7/18
Homework Due: Hw10-2.3.
Friday 7/19
Lecture: Section 2.5, Non-Homogeneous Equations.
Notes-2.5, Video-2.5-Part-2. Complete second half of Homework: Hw12_2.5.
Lecture: Section 2.6, Applications.
Notes-2.6, Video-2.6-Part-1, Video-2.6-Part-2 . Complete Homework: Hw13_2.6.
Saturday 7/20
Homework Due: Hw11-2.4.
Week 04 - Midterm Exam
Monday 7/22
Lecture: Section 4.1, Introduction to the Laplace Transform.
Notes-4.1, Video-4.1. Complete Homework: Hw14_4.1.
Lecture: Section 4.2, The Initial Value Problem.
Notes-4.2, Video-4.2. Complete Homework: Hw15_4.2.
Review on Partial Fractions (Oregon State University).
Homework Due: Hw12_2.5, Hw13_2.6.
Tuesday 7/23
WW-Quiz-03 Opens in WW, Covering Hw08-2.1, Hw09-2.2, Hw10_2.3.
Wednesday 7/24
Review for Midterm Exam.
WW-Quiz-03 Closes.
Last Day to Drop without Grade Reported, 8:00pm.
Thursday 7/25
Midterm Exam, 7:00-8:30 pm, in B-110F, B110G, in Wells Hall, Covering 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.6.
Midterm Exam Set Up: 90 min, 8 problems, 100 points, 25 grading attempts, graded by Webwork.
The Midterm Exam can be taken only once.
No Homework Due.
Friday 7/26
Lecture: Section 4.3, Discontinuous Sources.
Notes-4.3, Video-4.3-Part-1, Video-4.3-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw16_4.3.
Lecture: Section 4.4, Generalized Sources.
Notes-4.4, Video-4.4. Complete Homework: Hw17_4.4.
Saturday 7/27
Homework Due: Hw14_4.1, Hw15_4.2.
Week 05
Monday 7/29
Lecture: Section 4.5, Convolution and Solutions.
Notes-4.5, Video-4.5. Complete Homework: Hw18_4.5.
Homework Due: Hw16-4.3, Hw17_4.4.
Tuesday 7/30
WW-Quiz-04 Opens in WW, Covering Hw14-4.1, Hw15-4.2.
Wednesday 7/31
Lecture: Chapter 8, Review of Linear Algebra.
Notes-Chp8, Video-Chp8-Part-1, Video-Chp8-Part-2, Video-Chp8-Part-3. Complete Homework: Hw19_Chp8.
WW-Quiz-04 Closes.
Thursday 8/01
Homework Due: Hw18_4.5.
Friday 8/02
Lecture: Section 5.1, General Properties of Linear Systems.
Notes-5.1, Video-5.1. Complete Homework: Hw20_5.1.
Lecture: Section 5.2, Solution Formulas.
Notes-5.2, Video-5.2-Part-1, Video-5.2-Part-2Complete Homework: Hw21_5.2.
Saturday 8/03
No Homework Due.
Week 06
Monday 8/05
Lecture: Section 5.3, Two-Dimensional Linear Systems.
Notes-5.3, Video-5.3. Complete Homework: Hw22_5.3.
Homework Due: Hw19-Chp8.
Tuesday 8/06
WW-Quiz-05 Opens in WW, Covering Hw16_4.3, Hw17_4.4, Hw18_4.5.
Wednesday 8/07
Lecture: Section 7.1, Eigenfunction Problems.
Notes-7.1, Video-7.1-Part-1, Video-7.1-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw23_7.1.
WW-Quiz-05 Closes.
Thursday 8/08
Homework Due: Hw20_5.1, Hw21_5.2.
Friday 8/09
Lecture: Section 7.2, Overview of Fourier Series.
Notes-7.2, Video-7.2-Part-1, Video-7.2-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw24_7.2.
Saturday 8/10
Homework Due: Hw22_5.3, Hw23_7.1.
Week 07 - Final Exam
Monday 8/12
Lecture 18: Review Midterm Exam 1.
Lecture: Section 7.3, The Heat Equation.
Notes-7.3, Video-7.3-Part-1, Video-7.3-Part-2. Complete Homework: Hw25_7.3.
Homework Due: Hw24_7.2.
Tuesday 8/13
WW-Quiz-06 Opens in WW, Covering Hw19_Chp8, Hw20_5.1, Hw21_5.2, Hw22_5.3.
Wednesday 8/14
Review for the Final Exam.
WW-Quiz-06 Closes.
Thursday 8/15
Final Exam, 7:00-9:00 pm, in B-110F, B110G, in Wells Hall, Covering all Sections.
Final Exam Set Up: 120 min, 10 problems, 100 points, 30 grading attempts, graded by Webwork.
The Final Exam can be taken only once.
Homework Due:Hw25_7.3.
Friday 8/16
No Class.
Saturday 8/17
No Homework Due.